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MYER’s provides comprehensive clinical research designed to elucidate and substantiate health benefits of functional foods and supplements. We can help demonstrate the benefits of your product, via validated clinical and experimental markers. Whether you are looking to place a single study or a complete development program, we have the experience and resources to move your program forward. Over the years we have studied dozens of novel products, giving us the knowledge and experience required to review new products with judgment based on solid foundations.


MYER’s founders bring decades of research and management experience from the biopharmaceutical industry, applying their knowledge and expertise to the rapidly evolving functional foods industry.  MYER's team is experienced and qualified with strong backgrounds in science, clinical and project management. Continuous training is provided to enhance specific knowledge and promote teamwork.. 

We have adapted the tools and strategies from Pharma to the entrepreneurial needs of the nutritionals industry. MYER has developed proprietary biomarker-based protocols and near-shore operations strategies to reduce costs, improve turnaround times and deliver scientifically and market-relevant value to our clients.

Our goal is to help propel the functional food and nutritional supple- ment industry beyond the challenges of clinical testing by offering high impact, high quality clinical research services with unmatched affordability.

Diagnostics & Endpoints

Tests & Capabilities

• Clinical Marker Assays
• Blood cell gene profiles
• Serum enzyme activity (CETP, PON1, Elastase, MP)
• Subjective measures (WOMAC, McGill, and other)
• Complete Blood Counts
• Clinical Chemistry
• Blood Bio-Markers (Isoprostanes, CRP, Cytokines, Chemokines)
• Serum biomarkers (Isoprostanes, Interleukins, Chemokines, CRP)
• Serum metabolites (Glucose, LDL, oxLDL, HDL, Triglycerides)


• Oxygen and Energy Metabolism
• CT Scan
• Gene Profiling
• Cytokin and Chemokine Profiling
• Protein Profiles
• X-Ray
• Adult Stem Cells

Conditions and Models

Acute Dose Response Studies: T-MED protocols have been designed for supple- ments and food based Products where no previous studies have been conducted. Assessing a True Minimum Effective Dose is a critical part of the product develop- ment puzzle. It is also well known that lower doses can have the same effect or better than higher doses. A True Minimum Effective Dose will reduce costs and potential side effects.

ATP & Mitochondrial Studies: Mitochondria are a cells' "powerhouse" that produce the ubiquitous energy currency (ATP) by consuming oxygen, producing water and building up the proton motive force. Oxygen consumption is a classical means of assessing energy expenditure, one component of energy balance. Mitochondrial activity plays a central role in many metabolic tasks. Our Energy Protocols are designed to correlate the mechanisms of action for products intended to increase energy, in regards to the mitochondrial function.

Glucose Control Booster Drinks: If your product is intended for glucose control, our DB protocols will help you to elucidate its benefits. MYER can accurately evaluate the efficacy of your product using A1C, insulin resistance and other relevant biomarkers to monitor prescreened and preconditioned prediabetic subjects.

Cytokines Functional Status Studies: MYEER is revolutionizing longevity-enhancing research in nutraceuticals with biomarker based SIRT AGING protocols with valuable biomarker data. We provide the most comprehensive aging discovery arrays and hormonal profiles.
Studies have shown that changes in hormone level can be detected years prior to accelerate aging. A complete panel of blood targets and biomarkers including MPO/Chlorination, SIRT1/mTOR are employed to test acute or extended treatment products.

Pain and Inflammation Trials: Using the most advanced technology MYER brings Osteo Arthritis Imaging based protocols, biomarkers and subjective measurements such as WOMAC® and other VAS questionnaires. QA Protocols will help you to define the role of your product in relieving pain and inflammation due to Osteoarthritis.
If your product is intended to improve full use of joints, take advantage of the QA studies to elucidate your supplement benefits.

Energy Products: Put your product to the test using our new VO2Max protocols. These protocols are designed to measure accurately the benefit of supplements created to improve performance for many disciplines like running, cycling, rowing, swimming etc.
Using real athletes with specific VO2Max scores and State of the Art facilities your product will now have validated data for Aerobic Threshold (AeT), Anaerobic Threshold (AT) and VO2Max testing.

Appetite and Weight Control Trials: Any client with supplements intended to manage obesity, will find in our OB protocols the most accurate biomarker solution to elucidate the potential benefits for their products designed to suppress appetite or manage weight loss.
Clients can find a broad range of selective criteria for every specific product. Complete routine analyses are performed on each study and more complex analysis can be selected according to the nature of the product.

Cognition Intelligence and Behavior: Although the task of cognitive neurosci- ence is to describe how the brain creates the mind, historically it has progressed by investigating how a certain area of the brain supports a given mental faculty. In other words, for most of its history, the biggest question of cognitive neurosci- ence was "Where?”.
Combining neuroscience and its technologies with cognitive science and  its entire interdisciplinary field, we're able to bring you protocols designed to assess cognition and brain function and to define the mechanism of action of any supplement intended to improve those factors.

Acute and Chronic Sinusitis Studies: Complex and accurate CT protocols are used in extended studies to measure sinusitis.
We employ CT Scans to evaluate these classes of supplements. Imaging is now an active component when measuring acute and chronic sinusitis. We use this and other objective methods such as biomarkers and blood targets to bring value to your product by finding its range of effectiveness.



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